New York Bride

Posted on September 2, 2011
Categories: makeup, weddings

Last weekend I did a good ol’ fashioned New York wedding at Chelsea Piers overlooking the Hudson River.  If I calculate correctly, I have done over 300 brides in my career and it continues to be a fun, unexpected pat of my job.  At this point, I could probably teach a class on New York Brides (in fact, maybe I will!) and what it takes to be in the midst of such an important, intimate day.  While it is a fantastic, loving and cherished time for the bride, it can also bring out some tricky business with each family (we’ve all been there) and as a makeup artist you have the unique job of making them beautiful and keeping them calm.  Certainly I’ve had some Bridzilla’s but my lips are sealed for now.  However, this one was a DREAM.  Her mother actually hired me based on a bride I did a couple of years ago.  We did a trial a few weeks ago where the bride wanted a nice, clean natural look.  I repeated the same on the wedding day, and to my gleeful delight, she actually requested a bit more!  See, most New York brides all want to look natural so when I get the opportunity to amp it up a bit, I like it.  (Truth be told, I tend to put a little more on the day of…)  Below are a couple of images I snapped.  Enjoy!