Some of my Favorite Brushes.

Posted on September 6, 2011

Years ago makeup brushes were a tool used by professionals only and consumers were forced to make due with those little swabs and cheap substitutes. Once (then) niche brands trail-blazed the makeup artist/makeup line path, professional grade brushes became something that anyone could get their paws on which was fantastic. I remember buying my first Trish McEvoy gold-handled push brush and thinking I was the real deal! Now, everyone makes amazing brushes which is fantastic. Except, like most things in beauty, the selection is overwhelming. Look at a makeup artists brush-roll at a photo shoot and you will wonder if that aren’t planning on repainting the Sistine Chapel. So, by popular requests here are a few of my favorite-can’t-live-without-brushes. If you are just starting to wear makeup or are a full-on artist I think you will benefit from these.

1. Bobbi Brown Face Blender: I discovered this back in the day when she launched her Shimmer Brick. It’s perfect for any bronzer and the hair is the perfect stiffness to deposit color and blend to perfection.


2. Nars Yachiyo Kabuki Brush: For some reason I am extremely picky when it comes to blush brushes. It has to be the right balance of shape, size and hair and this is it for me. I love the tapered, egg-shaped edges. You can nestle it right into the apple of the cheek without depositing too much color.


3. Giorgio Armani Foundation Brush: Has this achieved cult status yet? It has in my book. Foundation brush bristles are typically long and synthetic. But this short, stubby cut made from sable allows me to feel like I have better blend control and am able to work the product into the skin so that the result is more natural.


4. Dermablend Concealer Brush: My latest discovery and I am so happy! Again, concealer bristles are typically flat and I have always found them challenging to work with, leaving me to use my finger to blend. But this little guy is a game changer and I use it every day.


5. MAC #217: What is there left to say about him? Perfect for depositing color. Perfect for blending color. Perfect. My recommendation? Buy more that one!


Enjoy this little collection!