A Fall Twist.

Posted on September 9, 2011
There aren’t whole lot of things better than a New York fall day.  Well maybe a basket of lab puppies and winning the lottery.  But I grew up in Vermont when fall foliage was a state-wide event so crisp air, hot cider and red and orange leaves feel like home (you know, with skyscrapers surrounding me).  So, a fall wedding is my favorite kind of wedding.

No matter where or when you are getting married, I firmly believe you should always look like yourself and feel your most beautiful.  I’ve been doing weddings for some time now and if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that if the bride isn’t comfortable then it’s not gonna happen.  So here are are few tips to making fall wedding makeup the best it can be and a little video to give a how-to!
I love changing the color palette just a smidgen.  We typically think summer makeup as sheer, glowing, shimmery and bright.  Nothing wrong with that, but try using a little more matte colors.  My all time favorite shadow for this is Nars in Sophia on the lid.

For lips, keep it bright and glossy but try an option with no (or minimal) shimmer.  I used Nars Rose Gitane in this video and it can do no wrong.  On anyone.

Fall nights can still be hot nights, so make sure to powder throughout the night.  Use a pressed translucent one and concentrate on your t-zone, especially around the hair line.

Keep the eyes big and bright by lining the water line with a flesh colored pencil.  I would be lost without mine from Three Custom Color.