Trial and Error.

Posted on October 25, 2011
Categories: makeup, New York, Trials, weddings

Wedding season is winding down and that means trial season is getting busy!  As a makeup artist, a trial is where you demonstrate the makeup on the perspective bride and we test out our chemistry; both in the skills and personality departments.  We makeup artists want you to love us, of course!  But we can only do so much.  So here are a few tips for potential brides (or ANYONE using a professional make artist for a special occasion) to make the most of your time and get what you want:

1. Every bride has a vision of how they want to look on their wedding day.  And while it is crystal clear in their (your) head, it often gets a little lost in translation at the trial.  So what I typically hear is something like this: “I want sexy, but not TOO sexy, natural but not TOO natural, smoky but not TOO smoky.  I like brown but don’t want to be boring.  I want my eyes to stand out but nothing crazy…” You get the drift.  First decide what your idea of natural is.  This is easily determined by how much makeup you wear everyday.  If mascara and concealer is all you sport to the office, then think twice about a red lip and smoky eye.  You want to look like the best version of you.  YOU.

2. It’s great to have pictures at the trial, but let’s be clear: If you are a blonde, blue-eyed beauty, avoid the Salma and Penelope shots.  Try and match ones where the model has similar features.  Then make sure the images is realistic.  Those models look that way thanks to fabulous lighting and an army of peeps standing by for every fly-away and piece of lint.  Do you like her intense black liner?  That bright cheek?  Know what it is about that picture that draws you in, rather than, ya’ know, just because it’s pretty.

3. Trials tend to take place on the weekday and more often than not, right after work.  Right at that witching hour where we have the grime of the city all over our faces, pale from the winter months, and in work clothes.  The good news is that if you like the makeup under these grim circumstances then you are going to LOVE us on the Big Day when you’ve gotten a little sun and feel pretty again.  But in the meantime, bring a white t-shirt to your trial.  You just can’t believe how that gray suit pulls the colors in whereas the white brightens you up!

4.  It’s completely OK to want a picture to refer back after the trial.  But man oh man, those camera phones aren’t doing anyone any favors.  Flashes blow out all color and funky apartment light create unflattering shadows.  So just remember that when you are paying all those big bucks for the professional photographer, they will fix that.  In other words, use that image from the trial as a nice reference and memory but take solace knowing it will be so much better on the real deal day.

Happy makeup-ing!