Wedding: Pam on the Cape.

Posted on November 15, 2011

People always ask me if, as a makeup artist, my friends have me do their makeup all the time.  The truth is, no.  Us NYC girls find it hard enough to carve out time for a Sunday brunch much less a session of false lashes, so it isn’t that often I get to mix biz with pleasure.

Enter Pam.  I met her years ago at dinner and we have been dear friends ever since.  And she just tied the knot this past summer at a gorgeous location on Cape Cod.  Being a New England girl myself, I relished every moment.  When she asked if I would do her makeup, of course I jumped.  The funny truth is, I get more nervous doing makeup for my friends than I do a celebrity.  Go figure.

We met a few weeks before for a trial with her two maids of honor (and close friends of mine) Jaime and Brooke.  She loved the makeup but as I’ve mentioned, the trial is just a trial.  Once the dress, hair and jewelry are in place, well, then you look like a bride.




Because can you just say “WOW!”  It always looks better on the Big Day.  Especially when you have an amazing photographer like the lovely one Pam used, Cappy Hotchkiss.  Feast your eyes…