What’s in a Brush?

Posted on April 2, 2012

People ask me all the time: Do I really have to apply my foundation with a brush?  Well, no, you don’t HAVE to.  You don’t HAVE do the dishes or take out the dog, but life sure if easier if you do.  Here’s the thing, waaaayyyy back in the cave years also known as the 1980′s, the world didn’t really have professional makeup brushes.  Shadows came with those little swabs and women bought makeup sponges by the plastic packfuls.  Slowly and surely makeup artist quality brushes hit the mainstream and became available to real life consumers.  I remember in college, before I was even dreaming of becoming a makeup artist, visiting the Trish McEvoy counter and buying the gold handled brushes for a pretty penny and thinking “why the eff do I need these expensive bristles to get the job done???”  Now I know and now you can get them for a lot less.  Applying foundation has also had it’s own revolution and it’s landed smack dab on the brush.  So the answer is YES, I would like you to use a brush.  If not a brush then your fingers – the unsung beauty tool – and if not your fingers then forgetaboutit.

Some pretty choices:

I LOVE this little guy from Shiseido.  Short, stalky and gets into all the nooks and crannies of your face.  He’s my new favorite pet.


For $15 buck a roos you can get this from Sonia Kashuk.  Technically it’s for blush, but I think it’s perfect for blending foundation.


Or you can always go with the traditional choice from good ol’ MAC #190.  I have a bunch of these in my professional makeup kit.


Now the sponges do have a little place in my heart for foundation, but it’s just not in the application process.  If you use them for applying foundation, they’re gonna eat up all your product (after all it IS a sponge) and you’ll have to replenish much faster.  So use them to blend and touch up.  And for that turn to The Beauty Blender.  The great thing about this little tool is that it works best when damp which helps create a smoother finish.



What’s your favorite foundation brush?  Do you prefer a brush or your fingers?