Kale. It’s What’s for Dinner.

Posted on April 10, 2012
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Not long ago I used to gag at kale.  Blech, gag, no way Jose.  That is NOT going near my mouth.  A couple of years ago I did the much talked about Blue Print Cleanse.  Full of this stuff and belch, gag and repeat FOR THREE DAYS.  What was I thinking?  I felt better, more lucid after but all I really wanted a crunchy cracker and a glass of wine.  Then about three months ago I started juicing and turning fistfuls of the stuff into liquid health.  Kale seems to be that buzz veggie now.  It’s not terribly expensive and since it’s still on the DL and not nearly widespread as say, romaine, most of it is organic.  Is it literally one of the healthiest foods you can consume.  And here’s the thing (to, ya know, make it relevant on this little blog) healthy food means healthy skin and healthy skin means… your makeup looks better.  For reals ladies.  When I get all close and personal on you when doing your makeup I can tell all sorts of things indicative of your lifestyle from how the makeup goes on and how it stays put.  I’m not suggesting that you need to eat kale for your new BB cream to look good, but it’s an added bonus.

Here’s a great intro to the stuff.  I eat this salad seven times a week.  It’s it so good that the most resistant kaleophiles will buckle. Oh and it does, of course, go well with wine.


Here’s more great ideas…
Crispy kale chips.


Gumbo with kale.


Add a poached egg.


Or pancetta.


Do you have any favorite recipes?